Unfortunately, not every prospect that you talk to will be a suitable candidate for Adwords. Even if they are running Adwords when our Market Analysis and Audit team look into their product/service they might feel that their Adwords Account just isn't a good fit for us.

Obviously, this doesn't happen very often, but occasionally it does. We have put together a quick guide on the main reasons that a Market Analysis might be rejected. This will allow you to discuss the reasons with your client. 

What happens if a Market Analysis is rejected?

If a Market Analysis is rejected we will send you a short email, to let you know that we don't feel that it isn't going to be a good fit for InvisiblePPC to manage.

If you feel you need more insight into why we rejected it. Firstly, review this document and if you require more help, then please contact us via the Chat on our website and someone will get back to you within 1 business day. 

Why might a Market Analysis be rejected?

  1. Low Search Impressions - It could be that there just isn't the search volume for your client specific service/product in the Geo targeting you have selected. It could be that widening out their target area could help this situation.
  2. High Acquisition/Lead Cost - Occasionally, we will make the decision to reject a Market Analysis, because based on our preliminary research it has shown that the estimated Cost-Per-Aquisition or Cost-Per-Lead is higher than the actual product or service. This, of course, would not make financial sense to a business to have a higher advertising cost than selling cost.
  3. Estimated Conversions - When carrying out research for the Market Analysis, our team might have uncovered that the estimated conversions for the campaign are just too low. This is most likely because there is a low search impression.
  4. Can't Spend the Budget - Our minimum budget is $/£/EURO1 000 a month. On occasions, we might reject a Market Analysis because the campaign might have a predicted monthly ad spend of less than $/£/EURO 1000. The main reason we would reject a campaign, for this reason, is again, linked to the fact that there are not the search impressions to support the campaign and your client, is unlikely to see a good ROI.
  5. Google Policy - Your client may want to target products or services that are on Google restricted list. These vary by country to country, if you need to find out more information about the different restriction policies, please chat in with Google directly and in some cases, it is still possible to advertise if your client has the right licenses.
  6. Previous Experience - We may reject a Market Analysis based on our previous experience of that niche. Unfortunately, not every niche is a good fit for Adwords.
  7. Niche - At times we may believe that this niche is not a good match for us for an Adwords campaign and may not wish to take on management of a client within this sector. This doesn't happen often!
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