About InvisiblePPC Services

What kind of PPC campaigns do you manage?

Our Google Ads certified account managers use their expertise and our access to elite tools to create the ad copy, ad extensions, optimizations, and split testing for ads on desktop and mobile devices. Our Google Ads certified Account Managers will discern what would be the best fit for your client, and will adjust ads to display accordingly. We manage campaigns across a number of industries, common ones can be found on our Case Study page. Our agencies commonly work with local small businesses, however we have expertise in national and international campaigns as well.  

Why Should We Choose You to Manage our Campaigns?

We're an official Google Premier Partner, which is something only 3% of agencies can say. We've been awarded this status from Google by consistently achieving revenue growth for our accounts, by trusting in the knowledge and skills of our team. 

Is call tracking and recording included, too?

One call tracking number is included per client. All numbers are recorded unless requested otherwise.. We will take care of setup and testing, though there are some tasks you must do, too. Numbers are local to the client and can be provided in US, GB, CA, EU, AU, NZ and other international locations as needed.

Is reporting included, too?

Basic monthly reporting is included in the suite of management services, but if you require a more detailed report analysis, this can be included  for an additional recurring fee. When you become a partner, you get a login to our super-dash which allows you to view live progress and historical reporting - but - you can also create a login level for your clients if you want to impress them even more.

What other PPC management services does InvisiblePPC offer?

InvisiblePPC offers a suite of services included in the management of each campaign; from new account builds and restructures to call and conversion tracking.  Beyond that, InvisiblePPC offers additional paid services such as landing page creation, custom banner ads, Bing management, and even live proposal presentation calls.  See the Services Menu in the Partner Guide for full details.

Do you run Call Only Campaigns?

We run Call Only ads in tandem with our Search Ads. There is no such thing as a "Pay Per Call" campaign.   You are still paying for clicks.  When someone clicks an ad, it opens up the ability to then call from your phone.  You pay for that.  Very few people clicking the call only ad actually complete the action and initiate the call.  What that means is that you've now paid for a click that provided no additional value to the searcher and of no value to the advertiser.  Only certain industries have seen success with Call Only campaigns, ie certain emergency services like plumbers, certain lawyers and similar.  Call Only campaigns for niches other than emergency related tend to have very poor CTR, which leads to much higher CPCs.  Call Only campaigns run on mobile only.  This means you're missing out on roughly 45% of searchers.  Even when we run a call only campaign for an emergency advertiser, we are also running traditional search campaigns, remarketing and other campaign types.  For these reasons, we do not recommend and will not run Call Only, only.

Do you run FB ads, too?

We create and manage Facebook remarketing campaigns and you can find out more about that here. 

Does InvisiblePPC offer SEO services?

While InvisiblePPC does not offer SEO services, our friends at Scale Squad do! Check out Scale Squad's White Label Services for more information.

How do I become a partner of InvisiblePPC?

Visit our Become a Partner page to find out if partnership is right for you and submit your partner request form.

How can I see the keywords that are actively running?
Keywords are present in your NinjaCat dashboard by logging in and launching the client dashboard.

  1. Click on the Campaigns Tab. 
  2. Scroll past the chart to the Tab Titled Summary. 
  3. In the middle, Select Keywords. 
  4. To export, On the far right, click Export for a list of keywords.

You can also log into Google Ads. 

  1. From the page menu on the left, click Keywords.
  2. On the far righthand navigation, click Download for a list of keywords.

About Pricing

Where can I see the pricing for InvisiblePPC’s White Label PPC services?

Our menu of services and associated fees are on page 3 of the Partner Guide. You’ll receive a Partner Guide inside the Partner Welcome Pack as you complete the New Partner Orientation video. Remember to watch the entire video or the Welcome Pack will not be sent.

What forms of payment are accepted by InvisiblePPC?

We accept Xero, PayPal, and all major credit cards for payment.

What’s the minimum ad spend budget for a campaign?

The minimum monthly budget is 1,000 USD, GBP, AUD, EUR. Remember, this does not include monthly management fees; this is purely the minimum budget for monthly ad spend for Google Ads.

About Campaign Management

How does bidding work?

We bid within daily budget.

Who Sets Up Billing?

In order to maintain white label secrecy, we do not handle the payment to Google. The client or agency enters payment information to Google Ads to pay for the ad spend directly.

Does InvisiblePPC use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)?

Although we don't use SKAGs often, this doesn't mean we don't use them at all. If this strategy is a good fit for your account, we'll implement or test it as a strategy. 

Who owns the assets (ad copy, campaign, landing page) once they are created?

Your client can request ownership of the landing page. If they would like to take ownership of the landing page, they must open their own Unbounce account. We will provide you a download of the page upon request. The upload of the page and any additional needed setup is the responsibility of the agency or client. We recommend that Agencies who are likely to purchase a significant amount of landing pages open their own Unbounce account. We can then build the pages inside that account rather than in our own account.

How long does it take for InvisiblePPC to onboard my client and set the campaign live?

It can take as little as 10 days for the account to go live, but it depends a great deal on how well your client is prepared  with key information for the process.

What are the basic details needed to begin a new campaign?

For new campaigns, we'd need the service or product, an offer, target location, ad schedule, and we are open to keyword suggestions. This information would be submitted by you to us on a fully complete onboarding form ahead of time.

For those accounts ordering a landing page, you will need to have a CNAME setup.

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