Facebook and Google differ on a number of levels that make Facebook a more time intensive platform when done right. 


On-going Facebook management becomes more time consuming thanks to the vast amount of targeting options available for testing to improve our overall performance.

In addition, testing new audience targeting can take time to refine depending on how fast the data is collected and Facebook constantly changing their targeting options available with new privacy changes. 

Ad Copy & Ad Types

On-going Facebook maintenance is more labor intensive due to the amount of ad copy optimizations, types of imagery and ad types. Where as you are limited to just text in Google Search, and Image Ads in Google Display, there are video ads, text ads, carousel ads, event ads, messenger ads, etc 

One of the best features about advertising on Facebook is that you are less restricted by character limits. This opens our potential to regularly test longer or more creative ad copy to help entice users to stop and take notice of your offer. 

Ad Testing & Frequency

On Google Search you are normally reaching new customers with new needs you so don’t have to rotate in new ad copy as frequently, in particular for most clients getting 100 clicks a month. Someone does not go back to Google three times a day to research the same keyword, everyday for a week. 

On Facebook we have to worry about combatting ad fatigue or banner blindness with our targeted audiences. A person in our audience has the potential to see the same ad numerous times a day, every day. This can be done with fresh ad copy/images or testing our new audience targeting. We also have to implement new ad copy to maintain good social engagement which will keep our cost-per click down. Whereas older ads with established quality scores built up over time often have the lower cost per click on Google Search Ads.

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