Any Policy Issues you need to know about with Facebook?

Please note Facebook policy does not allow us to directly call out users for negative attribute towards their gender, age, race, ethnicity, financial status, personal attribution and/or lifestyle choices. We recommend taking the positive approach to solving individual’s needs to better work with Facebook policy.

Prohibited Industries Include as of 9/24/2018 

For updates see

1. Nudity

2. Illegal Products or Services

3. Discriminatory Practices

4. Tobacco Products

5. Drugs & Drug-Related Products

6. Unsafe Supplements

7. Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives

8. Adult Products or Services

9. Adult Content

10. Third-Party Infringement

11. Sensational Content

12. Personal Attributes

13. Misleading or False Content

14. Controversial Content

15. Non-Functional Landing Page

16. Surveillance Equipment

17. Grammar & Profanity

18. Nonexistent Functionality

19. Personal Health

20. Payday Loans, Cash Advances and Bail Bonds

21. Multilevel Marketing

22. Penny Auctions

23. Counterfeit Documents

24. Low Quality or Disruptive Content

25. Spyware or Malware

26. Automatic Animation

27. Unauthorized Streaming Devices

28. Circumventing Systems

29. Prohibited Financial Products and Services

Restricted - highly suggested against running due to policy limitations

1. Alcohol

2. Dating

3. Real Money Gambling

4. State Lotteries

5. Online Pharmacies

6. Supplements

7. Subscription Services

8. Financial Services

9. Branded Content

10. Student Loan Services

11.a Ads Related to Politics or Issues of National Importance

11.b "Paid For By" Disclaimers

12. Cryptocurrency Products and Services

13. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

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