When prospecting, or unsure how to grant access to your Business Manager, please follow the following instructions.

  1. Set up a Business Manager Account (Need help? Check out this doc & video
  2. Add [email protected] as a user in your business manager with Admin privileges. We do not need financial access, as that is on you/client. We do need admin access for tracking access.
  3. Assign the client ad account and page as assets to that User Account with Admin status if onboarding, advertiser status for prospecting. 
  4. We will then add additional team members to the Business Manager for onboarding, QA and management.  

If unable to provide access in the following steps, please see our Alternative Facebook Access methods

Some tips!

  • When requesting access to a client's account, always request access - never claim access unless you are the permanent owner of the ad account.
  • We unfortunately cannot link our Business Manager to a Business Manager.
  • Be aware that Facebook will sometimes limit the number of assets you can request until some owners and admins approve your requests.
  • More on What happens to the Pages, ad accounts, and shared logins I add to Business Manager? 
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