Before starting - some tips.

The following scenarios represent common ways to grant access, starting with the simplest.

Scenario #1: You Made the Ad Account

  1. With access to the client’s active Ad Account and Facebook Page, you will want to add the InvisiblePPC Account: "P35x - All Clients" as a partner You will do so using the following ID:  “229222914085749” Instructions for Business Manager - Linking to a Partner here 
  • Alternative: If the client's ad account or page are not present here, check the following area for the Assign Partner button

Scenario #2: Facebook Ad Account is owned by the Client

  1. Please provide the Ad Account ID (How to Locate the Account ID)
  2. We will request access to the account and the admin who created the account will need to approve that link.
  3. The account owner (who created the account) will approve the request to link. It will very likely show up in the notifications area. If not, please check the following areas.

Facebook Page
These settings will be in the area Facebook Page Settings > Page Roles

  • The Page account owner will get also get a notification. 
  • In older interfaces, the account owner may see a variety of requests such as below. This is all normal.
  • What the Page Owner Sees to confirm:

If the steps above do not work, please attempt Granting Facebook Ad Account Access Part 2.

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