Before beginning management: 

We prefer to add the Facebook assets to our Facebook Business Manager. If that does not work, we will work with alternative forms of access

  1. Audience Analysis Targeting.

Required to determine if audience size is appropriate to run ads.
Open live chat to initiate ticket.
Not required for adding remarketing to an existing AdWords account.

2. Ad Account access & Billing Added.

Agency is responsible for creating and providing access to P35X (ID:229222914085749) to manage the Ad Account or Business Manager.

  1. If client has existing ad account  Follow Scenario #1:
  2. No Business manager? Send Account ID # and approve access to P35x account once request comes in. This step requires client assistance. Follow Scenario #2:
  3. If client does not have ad account IPPC will create the ad account in our Facebook Business Manager
  4. Client/Agency will still have responsibility of adding payment
  5. Agency (and client if desired) will be granted access via email to the account, however client will not be able to take account with them. 

3. IPPC must have confirmation of GTM placed

  1. IPPC is not responsible for revenue variables or non traditional landing page tracking. Agency will be informed prior that they are responsible for tracking in these cases. This includes eccomerce platforms such as Shopify and sites with phone numbers that are not able to swap dynamically.
  2. If client cannot create a GTM - IPPC will set up the GTM account.
  3. Will not prevent onboarding if pixel is not placed on main site.

4. IPPC should have access to Facebook Page per instructions above.

  1. How to add IPPC from within Business Manager
  2. How to add IPPC from within Ad Account 
  3. Facebook Page is required to run ads. 
  4. Cost to purchase standard Facebook Page from InvisiblePPC - $200
  5. Tips for creating your own Facebook Page and PDF Version.

What is included:

  • Custom Ads built by a designer. If assets are requested for a package, ie. client images, and cannot be provided, IPPC will use stock images 
  • Ad content (photography, video, etc)  should be provided/ordered when onboarding. 
  • Campaign will use package ad types. 
  • *Other ad types, offers, leads, video, etc should be discussed before implementing due to additional requirements. 
  • Monthly updates to the ad copy and images. Please provide any new ad copy changes, if required for package, 7 days prior to first of new month. 
  • Audience targeting.
  • Bid & Audience Management 
  • Remarketing and Lookalike audiences included if part of your package.
  • Code generation.
  • Code (pixel) installation on landing pages created and managed by IPPC/Managed through GTM
  • If part of package - Landing page.
  • One call tracking number.

What is not included:

  • Second Call Tracking Numbers: $15 (all additional numbers will be priced at $15)
  • If not specified as part of package, Landing Page is a cost  of $300, $150 for additional variations. 
  • We will not optimize a Facebook Page.
  • If the ads account is not linked to a Facebook Page - ads can only run in the righthand column.  
  • You can purchase a Facebook Page set up while onboarding.
  • We will not create the Facebook Ads account. 
  • Code installation on landing pages not managed by IPPC.
  • Custom ad creation. Ads will follow IPPC best practices. Only suggested best practice ad copy will be used.
  • Lead ad set up. Lead ads require 3rd party integration. All set ups for lead ads must be performed by the client or agency.
  • Product feed management.


  • Typical onboarding time is two weeks
  • Typical length of contract is specified in the product.
  • All ad spend is set to be paid for by either the client or agency. 
  • Fees are not prorated.
  • Fees are 100% non-refundable.
  • Performance is not guaranteed. 
  • Any account down due to billing issues is the responsibility of client/agency. Agency should provide written notice via the proper methods to pause or cancel should billing be down for longer than a billing period.
  • Common FAQ Answered 
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