Facebook & Instagram Video Tools

We strongly encourage you to collect as many images, gifs, and/or videos as possible to provide us with a variety for testing. This also helps to maintain your brand identity. But most importantly, we see better performance with real life photos and videos than stock images. Though we can use stock imagery, it’s usually not recommended. Facebook has stated that using both a combination of static images and videos can improve your overall conversion performance.
Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone to take new images or videos of your services/products. Maybe even try out a “boomerang” or “superzoom” video option on Instagram for short action shots.

When creating videos, please remember that a large percentage of users don’t listen to videos with the sound on and captions will be used. Video captions up to 60 seconds are included in your management fee and videos over 60 seconds can be done for $3 each. Please try to be creative and impactful within the first couple seconds of a video to make a Facebook user to stop and take notice of the ad. In addition, try to keep your call to action in the beginning of the video so more users will have the opportunity to get your most important message before scrolling past. Facebook recommends video lengths between 15 - 30 seconds.

If looking for options to make your own videos, here are a few affordably priced options.

  • Doodly - Create a whiteboard, blackboard, or glassboard video in 60 seconds - Plans starting at $20/month
  • Animation Studio - Custom, cartoon story maker with and timeline editor to create sales stories - Limited time one time purchase for $47

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