Are Facebook Leads like AdWords Leads?

Not at all. These leads require immediate attention and follow up. Your sales game needs to be strong as these people are not actively seeking your business out. Your client may need:

  • A sales team
  • Client relationship manager
  • Email marketing system
  • Text messaging system
  • Sales strategy

How does reporting work?

Will be present in as a separate monthly report and will not be in the live Dashboard.
Live Dashboard only provides Bing & Adwords stats at this time.
On the calls tab- dashboard will include all calls from all sources.

How does Facebook measure conversions?

Both click and view through conversion windows can be set for up to 28 days.  This is called non-direct referral attribution. Any conversion concerns are mostly related to GA. If user completes action via PPC and via FB, it will be counted as two conversions.

Will you just be doing Remarketing then?

At this time yes. We are releasing each niche separately in order to provide the best overall experience for all of our partners.

Can I run Facebook remarketing for all visitors of their website or all visitors to their blog, without having/doing AdWords for a website?

We highly do NOT recommend this. There is typically not enough traffic to remarket to without a strong primary traffic source, such as Google Ads

Minimum traffic we recommend for running remarketing is at least 1000 visitors last 30 days.

We recommend a minimum budget of $100 a month. 

Do I need to send images?

We strongly encourage you to send client assets in order to make updating your ads look as professional as possible, while maintaining brand identity. Current Image requirements can be found here. Below are examples:

Standard Facebook Stock Photography Ad Example

Ad Example

Page Logo & Name shown when linked to Facebook 

Shutterstock Image of Offer

Desktop Ad Vs Right Column Ad 

The best performing ads are seen in the newsfeed - here’s a visual breakdown of the differences between the two placements. 

Sidebar has no social proof, no logo, no custom call to action. For up to date ad specs:

Due to the evolving nature of the Facebook platform, all pricing is subject to change. Please chat in for up to date pricing before onboarding any clients.

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