General Facebook/Instagram Attribution:

Link: About Facebook’s Attribution System 

However in October 2018, Facebook launched a new attribution solution focused around a “data-driven attribution model” to provide more transparency to customer’s journey for completing a conversion. This shifted is similar to what Google Ads has been pushing for to help enable more machine learning into our campaigns. However, with this new advancement comes longer data learning period than before to be eligibility for use.  

Facebook Attribution & Third Party Reporting (such as Google Analytics):

Link: Common Reporting Discrepancies Between Third-Party Reporting Tools and Facebook Ads Reporting

How Facebook and Google Ads attribution overlap:

Since Facebook’s best practice and default attribution window is set to 1 day for a clicks and 28 days for a view through we can encounter double attribution. This could mean, if user completes an action via PPC and viewed a Facebook ad previously, it could be counted as two conversions.

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