Towards the end of the Onboarding Process, you will be asked to confirm that your client's tracking is in working order. This includes testing the telephone number changes (if applicable), checking the form on the landing page works correctly (if applicable) and that the tracking number calls through to your client's telephone and they answer (if applicable).

It is at this point this you will be emailed the following:

Client Logins

We will create a password for your client and set up a login for their dashboard using the client's email address you included on the Onboarding Form. We will then email this over to you.

It is then up to you, to pass this information along to your client.

Agency Login

If you are a new Agency, who previously hasn't Onboarded any clients with us, we will add you as a user to the reporting dashboard using the email address you provided on the Onboarding Form. You will then be required to login and set your own password.

If you already have access to your Agency dashboard, because you have (or had) active clients with us, you will see your new client within your Agency dashboard.

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