Two new changes to the Google AdWords and Analytics tracking codes have rolled out. Due to working with InvisiblePPC, you very likely have no actions that you need to take.

Takeaways for Agency

If your client has tracking installed with Google Tag Manager with InvisiblePPC - (most common method since Jan 1 2016) then no action is needed. If you are using a InvisiblePPC landing pages, no action is needed. The only situations in which you will want to take action are:

  • If your client is not using Google Tag Manager.
  • If your client is using Google Tag Manager - but has not granted InvisiblePPC access
  • If your tracking codes are placed on the client website through manual backend, plugins, or an option not noted above.

If your client falls under one of the above scenarios, please chat in with the following ready:

  • Client Name:
  • Tracking implementation: (Your own Google Tag Manager, Manually placed on site, through a plugin, etc.)
  • Website Platform:

What we’ll then do. 

  • If you are not using Google Tag Manager, we will recommend implementing with the help of our team to get your website ready for the gtag.js changes to come.
  • If you are not using Google Analytics, we will assist in setting you up with an account to meet Google’s new tracking standards.

If you don’t chat in, we are updating all clients who retroactively need this change. For anyone in onboarding now, or about to onboard, this will already be addressed by our team.

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