From time to time Google Adwords will update their advertising policy in relation to what they will and won’t allow to be advertised.

One of the areas we are seeing a lot of interest in recently is pharmaceuticals and in particular Botox. Each country has their own laws for this type of advertising and therefore, Google has different requirements that MUST be met in order to advertise. Some healthcare-related content can’t be advertised at all, while others can only be advertised if the advertiser is certified with Google and targets only approved countries.

What Drugs are Restricted?

Google has a list of drugs that must meet the individual countries’ advertising requirements. In order to find out if your client’s product is going to be restricted, please review this list

What are the Restrictions in My Client’s Country?

Each country has different restrictions, please refer to Google Policies on Advertising Healthcare & Medications to see what requirements are required to be in place prior to any Adwords advertising takes place. This includes whether your client falls into the category of requiring a special certificate.

How does it affect InvisiblePPC providing a Market Analysis?

Due to the current difficult restrictions in place and various law surrounding the advertising of these products, please ensure that your prospect has complied with all Google’s requirements before submitting a request. We will decline any requests that do not indicate that the correct certificates are in place.

How does it affect Invisible PPC management?

In order for us to manage a client on the restricted list, it does mean we require that all advertising policies to be adhered to prior to bringing the client onboard. It will be the Agency's responsibility to ensure that your client's website and landing page complies with Google Policies and we can not be a medium between yourself and Google. We also can not assist in ensuring the landing page or website is compliant. 

In instances where Adwords has granted permission to run adverts, it is unlikely that Remarketing will be possible due to Google Policy on Health in Personalized Advertising.

If In Doubt?

If you are in doubt about your prospect’s services/products, please contact Google Adwords directly on 0800 169 0409 if UK, 1-866-246-6453 if US. We will not be able to do this on your behalf.

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