Do you ever ask yourself, how can I get my client onboarded as quickly as possible? We've compile a list of items that should be completed prior to completing the Onboarding Form to ensure the quickest go live of your new client!

Please click this link to download copy of our onboarding document. It has EVERY thing you need to have from your client before onboarding.

Ensure these items are complete prior to submitting the Onboarding Form:

  1. Google Tag Manager account is created and the following email address has been provided access

2. MCC/client account have been linked to our MCC

3. Billing is set up in the AdWords account

4. If you ordered a landing page, have the CNAME set up according to: "Creating a CName Record for a landing page".

5. All fields are complete - there are no TBCs, TBDs, unknowns or blanks on the onboarding form

An Onboarding Call will be scheduled when the following have been completed:

In addition to the above, the following must be completed in order for an Onboarding Call to be scheduled.

  1. Google Tag Manager has been implemented on the clients website
  2. If you ordered an InvisiblePPC landing page, you've provided us the CNAME url
  3. If using the client's website or a non-InvisiblePPC landing page, the website, page and online lead thank you pages must be complete and functional
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