If you fill in this form with your client, then when it comes to filling in the Onboarding Form after, you will have all the information at hand.

Here is a PDF version of the information you need to collect from your client, you can easily print this off and fill it in while talking with your client - Onboarding Information Needed.



  • I have a Google AdWords MCC and the client's account is in my MCC. Help Guide
  • I have read and accepted The Onboarding Process including all timelines and requirements 
  • Billing is setup and/or verified within the AdWords account 
  • I have given the following email address access to the relevant accounts (GTM & GA, where applicable) as outlined in The Onboarding Process 
  • I have installed GTM onto my client's website (except in the cases of where you wish IPPC to create the GTM Account) Help Guide
  • AdWords account access has been removed from all old managers. This prevents unauthorized people from making changes. 
  • No other person / Agency is managing any other campaign within my clients Adwords Account 
  • I understand that this form will not be processed if I haven't filled in all fields with the correct information. For more clarity, please review The Onboarding Guide




Client Business Name*


Client Website URL*


Please enter the Client's 10-digit AdWords ID #


Adwords Account Currency (Select applicable) (Remember: We bill in the currency of the Client's AdWords account, and the Account must be in the correct currency for your business)

  • US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Euro

Monthly Budget (Minimum budget is $1000/£1000)


Who was managing the account previously?*(Select applicable)

  • It was being managed in-house by the client
  • It was being managed by another agency
  • It was being managed by my agency
  • Something else / I don't know

What services or products does this Client want to promote?*  Please be as detailed as possible. Ex. Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and Emergency Dentistry. Please make this reasonable to the budget and landing pages the number of landing pages ordered. List in priority order

  1. ______________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________________________

In what geographic area does this Client want to advertise?* In this field, you can enter cities, states/provinces, counties, geographic radiuses (ex 25 miles around Toronto).  Please be as clear as you can!


During what days and times does the Client want to run their ads?  Please be sure to include the timezone *. Ex. Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm EDT


What is the main offer being made to site visitors?*Ex. 'Free Consultation' or 'Special $59 New Patient Offer'. PRO TIP: Make sure the offer is compelling and competitive for the client's area!


What are the Client's main selling / value propositions?* Ex. Extended Office Hours, Over 30 Years Experience, Conveniently Located, etc.What factors would make a prospective customer choose this client over one of their competitors?

  1. _____________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________________________


Would you like to order a custom landing page for this client?*

  • Yes 
  • No 

If No;

What landing page(s) on the Client's site should we be pointing the ads to? Please input ALL landing page URLs in the event there are more than one.


If Yes;

Please select from the following design templates



Please provide us with links to the following sections of content for your Client.  If you have any specific requests for each section, please include them in the last box.

About Us Ex: www.clientsite.com/about-us


Address & Business Hours Ex: www.clientsite.com/about-us


Testimonials Ex: www.clientsite.com/about-us


Main Selling Points / Specific Requests / Notes Please be thorough.  More is more! Do not copy the whole website here. This information is vital to creating the landing page.



Has the CNAME record been created? (find help here)

  • Yes
  • No

If yes, please provide the CName


If no

  • I understand that is my responsibility to complete the CNAME instruction before I can receive the landing page proof. 

We cannot release the landing page proof to you until the CNAME setup is complete.  We highly recommend completing this step BEFORE submitting this form.




For this client, I would like to track: (check all that apply)

  • Phone Calls
  • Lead Form Submissions
  • Sales (eCommerce Stores Only)
  • Something Else
  • Nothing beyond clicks and impressions 

If Sales (eCommerce Stores Only) is selected;

Tracking eCommerce Sales (Tracking eCommerce sales is a bit more complicated than tracking most other things.  As such, we'll need some more information from you in order to get this form processed.  Our onboarding team will be in touch with you on this as soon as possible, but you can go ahead and continue completing this form in the meantime.)

If phone calls is selected;

Client's Phone Number with Country and Area Codes (This is the number we will forward tracked calls to.)


If Lead Form Submissions is selected;

Form Confirmation Page URL(s)(In order to track lead forms submitted on the Client's site, we will need to know the URL of the form's thank you page.  If you're not sure, try submitting a test form on the client's site.)


If Something Else is selected; (There are many things we can track, and many things we cannot.  We will review your unique request and let you know if there are any issues with being able to track your "something else".)

Please briefly describe what else you would like to track:


Google Tag Manager Status* (For help setting up GTM, please check out this article) Add the following email address  to your Google Tag Manager with publish access

  • I have verified that GTM code has been implemented on all pages of the client's site.
  • I'm not sure if GTM is implemented / I need help with this step.

Has InvisiblePPC been given access to the GTM container?

  • Yes-  has been added as a user with full permissions
  • No - I need help with this step.

If, you have added access Please provide the GTM Container ID __________________________________________________________________

Google Analytics Status *

  • I have verified that Google Analytics code has been implemented on all pages of the client's site.
  • I'm not sure if Google Analytics is implemented / I need help with this step.

Has InvisiblePPC been given access to the Client's Google Analytics account?

  • Yes-  has been added as an admin user for this client's Google Analytics account
  • No - I need help with this step.

 If, Google Analytics is on their website, Please enter the Google Analytics UA ID. 


What Content Management System (CMS) / Platform is your client's website using?  (Navigate here to find more information on how to use your client CMS Platform to add on Google Tag Manager)

  • Wordpress 
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  •  Umbraco 
  • Custom Built 
  • Other


Your agency will have access to our white-label reporting tool that will allow you to review the performance details of any of the accounts you have with us, run ad-hoc reports, download monthly reports and more.  You may also give your client access to this dashboard as well, at your discretion.

Reporting Option 

  • Included Automated Monthly Reporting? 
  • Detailed Monthly Report (+50 per month)

Where should the report be emailed?


Would you like us to setup a login to our reporting tool for your Client?

  • Yes - I would like my client to be able to login to the reporting tool themselves
  • No - My Client doesn't need access to the reporting tool

If yes, Please provide us with the email address to use as the login for your Client:



What type of goal has been set for this Client? Goals are really important as they give us something specific to shoot for.  We would highly recommend having this conversation with your client prior to onboarding.  Please allow up to three (3) months for goals to be reached, especially for brand new accounts.

  • Quantity of Calls / Leads per Month
  • Cost Per Aquisition
  • ROAS (eCommerce Sales Only)
  • Conversion Rate

 If What is the goal quantity of leads/calls? Is selected (If we prepared a Market Analysis for this client, the performance estimate should be used as the initial goal.)


 If What is the goal ROAS %? Is selected


 If What is the goal CPA? Is selected


 If What is the goal CR? Is selected



Is there anything else you need to tell us that might be helpful in getting this Client setup? Don't worry about being too wordy? 

(If you elect to only use our chat support now, you may elect to add a phone call at a later date. Chat Support is not to be used for in-depth questions regarding the account or strategy. If you require this, please select "1 Hour Monthly Performance Call". Please allow 1 business days for responses.)

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