Linking AdWords and Google MyBusiness allows you to use Location Extensions in ads and also makes your ads eligible to show as a Google Maps ad. InvisiblePPC can link your client's Google My Business account to AdWords for you. 

  1. Provide us the email address used to log into the Google My Business Account.
  2. We'll send an invite to link accounts.

The Google My Business account holder must then complete the following:

  1. Click here to see your AdWords link requests. You may be asked to sign in to Google My Business. 
  2. Scroll to the request you'd like to manage. You’ll see the requester’s email address that you can use if you want to contact them directly.
  3. Click Approve or Decline on the right-hand side of the request.
  4. Click Approve at the bottom of the dialog to confirm. The requester will be notified via email

Link to Google's Help Center
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