InvisiblePPC Account Managers work to optimize campaigns on a weekly basis.  Our management covers a comprehensive list of optimizations to improve the performance of a campaign.  To manage these optimizations, our team follows a 25 Point Weekly Management Checklist (shown below) that includes bid management, negative keyword implementation, keyword expansion, and ad copy testing among other items, on a regular basis, each week and throughout the month.  

Though account managers take action on all necessary tasks, it’s important to understand that they do not always take action on every task on the list, as that would be unwise.  In any case, be assured our account managers are watching your account performance and implementing tests and optimizations throughout the month.  If additional help or information is needed for optimizations, our team will reach out to the partner agency for assistance.

It’s very important to keep in mind that it’s not always a good idea to make significant changes to a campaign in its early days (within the first 2 weeks).  We know it can be tempting but be patient; there’s a plan.

We definitely understand that some agencies are very involved in a client’s campaign progress and may have suggestions to improve performance.  Please feel free to email or chat in with these ideas; our account management team is always happy to consider ideas for optimizations and will add them to the checklist. 

In some cases, our account managers may not implement an idea for optimization, but this would be for the benefit and greater good of the campaign and client. It’s also essential that our account managers are the only party making changes to the account once it’s under our management. One of the worst outcomes is too many cooks in the kitchen.  It’s critical to follow one consistent plan of action for a campaign, especially in the first 100 days of taking over.

25-Point Account Management Checklist

Account Wide
Address relevant Google alerts
-Investigate increase/decrease in impressions, clicks, position
-Review Search Partners' performance and disable if poor performance

-Analyze budget pacing for the remainder of the month
-Check prior 7 day budget
-Impressions share analysis

Review top performing keywords
-Review top spending keywords
-Pause poor performing keywords
-De-duplicate keywords
-Add long tail keyword phrases from the search query report
-Drop bids on high spending, non converting, high positioned keywords
-Increase bids on good quality, high ROAS keywords
-Research and apply negative keywords

-Identify opportunities to reduce costs
-Compare and analyze average positions and CPCs
-Adjust bids on low position, low quality score keywords
-Evaluate mobile bid performance and adjust modifier up or down accordingly
-Evaluate location bid modifiers if present and adjust modifier up or down accordingly

Ad Copy
-Adjust ad copy on low position, low quality score keywords
-Test new ad copy/ad groups on low position, low quality score keywords
-Review ad copy tests that have collected adequate data, and pause non-performers
-Write new ad copy variations where needed
-Build out new ad groups based on high converting search terms (as needed)

-Review placement report for non-performing, high-spending placements to be excluded

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