Cancellation Request – In the event you wish to cancel PPC management services with us, you must complete our Client Cancellation Form. Be sure to complete every field completely and accurately so that the appropriate measures can be taken on our end.

Billing – If service cancellation Effective Date is within the five-day grace period indicated in the “date issued” and “date due” fields of the Client’s invoice, that invoice (the most recent) will be voided and no further invoices will be issued. If service cancellation effective date is outside of the five-day grace period, full payment will be expected for that invoice, but no further invoices will be issued.

Agency Partner Responsibility: It is recommended that your invoicing occur a few days ahead of our invoicing so that your Client will have one week to determine whether or not they wish to continue before going beyond our five-day grace period.

Stop-Work – We will discontinue our management, and consider cancelled, any account that has greater than two (2) invoices outstanding and past due. Please note that when a stop-work order is put through our system, all Client campaigns will be paused, all access to reporting will be disabled, all landing pages purchased through us will be disabled and any call-tracking numbers will be disabled until payment is received.

Collections – We reserve the right to turn all delinquent accounts over to a third-party collections agency as well as report the delinquency to all applicable agencies (credit bureaus, better business bureau, etc.).

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