A collection of our most used forms:

  • Proposal Request - Request a marketing analysis for a prospect new to paid search or an audit for a client already running Adwords.


  • Client Onboarding Form - Onboard a new client to InvisiblePPC.


  • Account Update Form - Update a current client's budget, add new services (Bing Ads, Remarketing, Call Tracking, etc) or request a new landing page. Note: for existing clients only.


Griff Tip: How to Add Bing Gif: https://cl.ly/342U3n3u0l1f

  • Click to add
  • Select yes or no regarding a Bing MCC in use
  • Read the green text for help
  • ALSO - don't forget to click Update Budget if needed (last frame of the GIF)

  • Client Cancellation Form - Request to stop IPPC management of an existing client account.


  • Report a Spam number. Report unwanted spam numbers, robo dialers, etc. to be blocked from calling your client in the future.


  • Send Cupcakes - Because you love us


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