Client Cancellation/Pause Form

What is the difference between Cancelling and Pausing?

Client Cancellation

When you cancel a client, IPPC ceases management on the cancellation date requested. At that time all IPPC services are terminated.

Details are as follows:

  • Campaigns will be left in the state requested on the form
  • All IPPC tracking numbers will be released. Calls will no longer be tracked or recorded. It is the responsibility of you or the client to update the call extensions to reflect your client's business number and set up desired settings.
  • All IPPC landing pages will be disabled, if you or the client would like to keep running traffic to the landing page you or the client is responsible for opening an Unbounce account and we will provide a download of the landing page by request.
  • The client account will be removed from all reporting dashboards.

Client Pause

When you pause a client all management ceases on the pause date requested. A *30 monthly pause fee applies to keep all IPPC systems (such as reporting, landing pages, tracking, etc) active.

Details are as follows:

  • PPC reporting dashboard, tracking numbers, landing pages, etc. will remain active.
  • Your monthly management fee will be replaced with a *30 pause fee to cover the costs of the vendor maintenance fees mentioned above. There will be no additional fees to re-activate a paused client unless there is a change of scope.
  • Campaigns will be left in the state requested on the form.

What if my client wants to resume management?

Fill out the Re-activation Form

If your client has cancelled and now wants to re-enable existing campaigns, there is a one time re-activation fee of *50 to cover the cost of setting up reporting, re-configuring tracking, re-enabling landing pages, etc.

If you client was in pause status and wants to re-enable existing campaigns, there is no additional fee.

If the client wishes to re-activate with a different scope, campaigns, ads, landing pages, etc, additional fees may apply and will be quoted individually based on re-activation details.

Do I still have access to reporting after the client cancels?

No. We recommend taking screenshots and downloading any PDF reports you would like access to prior to submitting the cancellation request.

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