Google Analytics is a data collection and management platform that provides you information about your website visitors. Just a few examples of the information that Google Analytcis can provide is:

  • User behavior - time on site, number of pages visited, exit pages
  • Goal completions - you can create a goal based on any number of metrics, most common is to track visitors that reach a lead or purchase confirmation page
  • Traffic sources - GA will tell you exactly where visitors come from (organic, direct, facebook, adwords, etc)
  • Page analytics - where visitors are clicking on your website
  • Audience information - demographics, location, new vs returning, devices
  • Behavior flow - how visitors are navigating around your website
  • Much more!

Setting up Google Analytics is the responsibility of our agency partners or end client. We recommend linking Google Analytics with Google AdWords for additional insights. InvisiblePPC does not manage or provide report or analysis on Google Analytics. It is a useful tool we recommend the client set up for overall website and marketing analysis and optimization. Get Started with Google Anatytics and Link Google Analytics to AdWords.

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