Please use these tips below to set realistic performance expectations:

  • While PPC is a good way to quickly drive traffic to the website, the website must convert the traffic. e.g. If you build it, they may come, but they aren’t guaranteed to convert.
  • Being online means your competition is even greater; differentiate to be persuasive.
  • Depending upon the size of the target area, it typically takes at least 6 weeks to accumulate enough data to be able to start to see any meaningful results.
  • Expect to lose money or break even in the first two months.
  • New advertisers cannot compete the first day, or even first 30 days with long time advertisers with established quality scores.
  • Keep in mind the lifetime value of the client.
  • When it comes to ad extensions, we can set up, but it is ultimately Google’s decision regarding if and when they show in the ad.
  • When it comes to star ratings, these cannot be “set up”; once the advertiser meets Google’s eligibility requirements, Google determines if and when the star ratings will show (with respect to both organic and/or paid listings)
  • Cross-channel marketing is important. It is unlikely you will have sustainable success if you are using just one marketing avenue.
  • Notify the client that the account is live, but remind the client of reasonable traffic and conversion expectations. This may be an opportunity to do a quick review call/video of high level PPC basics with the client, if not already reviewed pre-sale.
  • Recommended to do a monthly call thereafter to review the prior month’s performance.
  • Don’t do live searches for ads, as it skews the search results. Instead, use the Google Ad Preview Tool, which allows you to see real-time search results without recording/affecting search history.
  • Set a realistic, quantitative goal with the client from day one.
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