Here are some items to review with your client in the case that they want to expand their AdWords campaign.

What is the service/product?

  • What don’t you do (that you may easily be confused with)

How does it differ from current services? (hours, incentives, promotions, geographic, etc.)

Does it need a separate landing page*

  • If so, can you reference any information on this new offering (from a prior site, competitors, etc.)
  • If not a separate landing page, are landing page amendments needed to update the current page?**

If landing page already exists and has a new thank you page - what is the thank you page url?

Will the page need different Online Lead/Sales/Event Tracking/ Call Tracking*? 

Are we setting up remarketing, Bing, etc for this new service? (please note there may be additional charges for this expansion*)

  • If yes - please indicate you will be filling out an order form. 

Is there a budget increase or are you taking away budget from other services*?

Will you be setting up a separate account for this expansion?***

Reasons to open a separate account include:

  • Preserving Account Quality score. Quality score may be damaged, if one account is suspended
  • Different account level settings, such as: separate billing sources are needed, separate currencies, separate time zones.
  • Separate reporting and dashboards
  • Separate domains****

We should disclose before starting any new service:

  • Avg CPCs on the new service may differ from CPCs of current service
  • Your overall performance will likely see a slight dip when new service is launched

The following section is for agency eyes only. Anything that may involve additional charges should be submitted through the appropriate forms once confirmed with client.

*For a new landing page/budget: 

**For landing page amendments:

*** For a separate account set up

**** Per the Partner Guide: Only one website can be advertised per individual Adwords account. Any accounts that have multiple web properties being advertised will be broken up into separate accounts and treated as individual Clients for management and billing purposes.

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