The settings in the System section of the BoostMyPPC allow the account holder to track search quotas and customize the way basic search information is displaying within the account.

Used Prospect Quota is a record of how many prospect searches an agency has used for the month in relation to the maximum monthly allotment.

Training Clip w/ Rob Warner - Pagination Size Setting

Pagination Size allows the agency to specify how many prospects will be listed on a page. By default, the amount is 10 items per page, but the dropdown box provides 25, 50, and 100 items per page, as alternatives.

Auto Prospect Max Score allows the agency to apply a maximum ad score filter to searches. When the agency performs searches in BoostMyPPC, only advertisers at or below the specified score will be returned.

To make changes to these settings, select the desired option from the corresponding drop-down list and click Save.

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