Each BoostMyPPC subscription includes a monthly prospect quota and certain Search limitations.

Prospect Quota

The Prospect quota is indicated in BoostMyPPC on the Settings tab in the System field.

Most BoostMyPPC subscriptions include rollover prospects, meaning if the agency did not use all prospects within the month, those unused prospects rollover to the next month for use. This way, the agency never losses prospect opportunities.

Search Limitations

Each BoostMyPPC subscription includes certain Search limitations to maintain fairness and compliance. None of these settings can be increased or decreased per account, but rather, they are set across the application to be the same in all accounts. The exception to this rule is the prospect quota, which can be increased and decreased depending on the situation, including rollover prospects.

Max Keywords per Search: 25 - Sets the number of keyword phrases per each search

Searches per Day: 100 - Sets the number of keyword searches per day

Searches per Month: 1800 - Sets the number of keyword searches per month

Prospects for Current Month: x/1000 - Indicates the number of prospects added so far during the month

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