The Prospect Video and Booking section of BoostMyPPC account settings allows an agency to control the prospect video source, the audit button, competitor report customization, and other prospecting tool details.

The Prospect Video and Booking section includes the following fields to customize prospect video settings and the call-to-action audit button:

Custom Prospect Video - if using a custom-made prospect video, please enter the video URL in this field

Admin Prospect Video - use this dropdown box to indicate which video presenter will be used for prospect videos

Note: Use the "preview" link to get a preview of the video presenter

Prospect Video Source - use this dropdown box to indicate whether the video source will be a video selected from the system or a custom video

Agency Domain - the agency domain site with which BoostMyPPC is integrated for bookings, etc.

Self-hosted Prospect Page - if using a self-hosted agency site and prospect page, indicate prospect page URL in this field

Competitor Comment - customize text which will accompany the competitor report which is prepared for each prospect, automatically

Self-hosted Page Code - implement this code in the page of the self-hosted agency site in which you want the prospect video and audit button to appear

Audit Button Code - implement this code where you want to include your audit button

Prospect Auto-Reminder Time - indicate the time email reminders should be sent to prospects

Note: This function is set in GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, and must be calculated to fit the agency's appropriate time zone

Share Template Performance - opt in or out of sharing custom email templates sent to prospects

Audit Button Style - use these dropdown boxes to customize the audit button

Audit Button Label - indicate desired text for audit button

Note: By default, the text of the audit button will be: Check my AdWords account for hidden waste

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