Searching popular niches in Boost can be competitive, especially if broad search terms are being used in the search. To enhance your results, search with long-tail keywords that are more specific. As consumers become more proficient and specific with searches, so too does the keyword search for AdWords advertisers.


Basic Search Term: unicorn

Long-tail Keyword Phrases:

  • unicorn games online party
  • unicorn costumes for baby unicorns
  • unicorn plastic saddle repair
  • organic gluten-free domestic unicorn food

TIP: Generate longtail keyword phrases in Google by typing one or two keywords into Google's address bar and allow predictive search to finish your phrase.


  • Begin Search Term: organic domestic...
  • Google Predicts: organic domestic sunflower seeds

Use the "Searches Related To" section at the bottom of the Google page for even more keyword phrases.

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