The Prospect tab allows the agency to work with all added prospects in various ways such as adding CRM-style notes, reviewing adscore and other statistics, adding or changing email addresses and sending prospect emails. Similar to the Advertisers tab the Prospect tab includes the feature to filter prospects based on certain information such as active status, ail status, frequency, and adscore.

Prospects Available Section

The Prospects Available section indicates available prospects in the agency's list and in which phase of cold-prospecting the advertiser is based on a color-coded system. The details in this section are as follows:

  • Time of Search - the time of the search performed
  • Act. Date - the date the prospect was added to the prospect list
  • Exp. Date - the date the prospect expires on the agency's prospect list and becomes available to other members (unless prospect is reactivated)
  • Prospect - links to the Advertiser Details
  • Web - the main website for the advertiser
  • Ad Position - the position of the keyword ad in relation to competing ads in Google's search results
  • Score - the adscore for the advertiser's specific keyword ad campaign
  • Frequency - the frequency of an advertiser's ads in the same keyword space
  • AdWords Cost - the estimated monthly adspend for the advertiser
  • Email Send - number of emails sent to prospect
  • Email - a customizable field to input prospect email address
  • Name - a customizable field to input prospect name
  • Send Mail column - allows agency to send email sequence to prospect over the course of 30 days
  • Archive column - allows the agency to archive a prospect and end the email sequence for that prospect

Color-coded Phase Status

Import/Export Prospect Data

Use the CSV File section of the Prospect tab to import or export information about prospects.

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