Search for advertisers in BoostMyPPC by using the Search functionality which includes keyword phrase search and city/state/country location.

Perform a Search in BoostMyPPC

  1. Log into BoostMyPPC account
  2. Navigate to the Search tab
  3. Enter one or more keyword search phrases (up to 25 keyword phrases per search)
  4. Enter a location
  5. Click Search

Search Added Section

BoostMyPPC will perform a search for all keyword phrases in each of the indicated locations. The search status is indicated in the Search Added section as in queue, complete, or no result found and can take several minutes to complete. The Search Added section also indictates the time of the search, the keyword phrase searched, the location, the site/TLD, and the status of the search.

Advertisers Tab

To view the results of a search, navigate to the Advertisers tab. One the Advertisers tab, a list of New Potential Prospects is displayed. In the New Potential Prospects list, the agency can choose to add or delete a particular prospect to their BoostMyPPC prospect email campaign. The New Potential Prospects list also indicates the time of search, keyword phrase, location, TLD, prospect details link, website, ad position, adscore, frequency, and monthly adspend.

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