When prospecting with BoostMyPPC software, the agency should follow several steps to convert a prospect to a client. Review the steps below for an outline of the typical process.

Step 1: Choosing outsourcing for client PPC management

An agency must choose how client PPC accounts will be managed. There are two basic options:

  • Option A: Agency manages PPC clients

In this case, an agency chooses to fully manage a client in PPC advertising. The agency performs or outsources the free audit, the proposal, the onboarding, and the on-going advertisement management.

  • Option B: Agency outsources to InvisiblePPC

In this case, an agency partners with InvisiblePPC for the outsourcing of the free audit, the proposal, the onboarding, and the on-going advertisement management.

If the agency chooses to outsource with InvisiblePPC, submit the IPPC Partner Request form:https://invisibleppc.com/partner-request/

Once the agency is an accepted partner of InvisiblePPC, the proper tools and details will be provided to the agency through a partnership on-boarding process.

Step 2: Prospecting in BoostMyPPC

The agency uses BoostMyPPC to search and convert high-quality prospects. When prospect emails are sent from the agency to a set of prospects, BoostMyPPC begins to track prospect activity. An agency should have a follow-up process in place for:

  • Client clicks
  • Client opens
  • Client bookings

Note: An agency may also prospect through other methods such as existing clients, referrals, direct mail, or walk-in sales. BoostMyPPC is designed to support and assist in these other prospecting methods.

Step 3: Confirming the Booking Request

When a prospect books a free audit, the agency will be notified and should then contact the prospect to confirm the free audit request, answer questions, set expectations, and gather information. The agency should confirm the prospect's Adwords account information in order to properly link it with the agency MCC account for review. If outsourcing with IPPC, the agency should submit an audit request to IPPC. It typically takes 3 business days to receive a complete audit from IPPC.

Step 4: Presenting to the Prospect

Once an audit/proposal is returned from IPPC to the agency, the agency should present it to the prospect. The agency aims to convert the prospect to a client during this step.

Note: An agency may request an IPPC agent be present on the call to assist with presentation and conversion.

Step 5: Onboarding the Client

Once the prospect has been converted to a client, the agency (and IPPC) guide the client through an onboarding process. The agency should submit an onboarding request to IPPC.

After Onboarding: Managing the Client

With the help of IPPC, the agency sets campaign reviews at regular intervals and discusses progress with the client.

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